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Up to now all candidates who registered for IELTS received a 30-hour ‘Road to IELTS’ free online preparation. The British Council IELTS teams have worked hard to make it more and more useful for test-takers around the world. 

Now the New Road to IELTS is live and ready for use for all candidates who will sit the test from October onwards.

What does New Road to IELTS give you?

  • New Road to IELTS is an online resource for both the Academic and General Training modules of IELTS.
  • Practice zones with e-books to help you prepare for each of the 4 components of the test: Listening,Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • Sample videos with tips from candidates and teacher tutorials, highlighting what to do and what not to do on your test
  • Timed practice tests to measure your progress
  • A My Progress section to help you compare yourself with other students worldwide
  • A My Profile section to remind you of your test date

View a demo of new Road to IELTS Academic here

View a demo of new Road to IELTS General here


What are the advantages for you?

  • Instant Feedback
    You will have instant feedback on your performance and monitor your personal progress.
  • Understand your mistakes
    You can see the correct answers and receive tips and hints to help you improve.
  • Develop Confidence
    As the exercises are based on real IELTS test tasks, you will become more familiar with the test and so feel more confident.


The following types of Road to IELTS are available:

  • Road To IELTS : Test Drive  A 10-hour free online preparation is available to anyone, whether registered for the test or not.
  • Road To IELTS : Last Minute An additional 20 hours of material (i.e. 30 in total) available free to all candidates who have registered for IELTS with theBritish Council.
  • Road To IELTS : Full Version Another 120 hours worth of material is  available for anyone to purchase




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Name*fatimah abdol latif

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nice works..keep it up..