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The APPG on Modern Languages has launched a Twitter account to aid in its dissemination of information about parliamentary matters relating to languages, as well as key media stories, research and issues.

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The APPG launches its Manifesto for Languages on 14 July 2014. The Manifesto has attracted the support of the organisations and individuals listed below.

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Organisations supporting the APPG’s Manifesto for Languages:

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British Academy

Another quiet week for languages, with Parliament still in recess and little in the way of major announcements for education or other big language issues.

Nevertheless there are a some interesting features and opinion pieces about the dominance of English in academia, and a couple of interesting stories about languages and identity – both in…

In this week’s update, the two main pieces of news were the announcement by Ofqual to change the way A Levels in modern languages are graded, following a review of the fairness of the present system; and the advent of the European Day of Languages, with a series of articles from the Guardian/British Academy and…

The media and parliamentary updates are back for the new academic and parliamentary year!

A quiet week – but some local press reaction to new funds for primary language hubs, and some interesting research in the link between language skills and our genesAPPGUpdate14.09.24.

Read the full update: APPGUpdate14.09.24