Photograph: Participants at the British Council’s workshop on conflict resolution through culture

‘Where are all the people who want peace?’ I bellowed to a room filled with decision-makers and heads of international organisations. The people in the room were working in places throughout the globe to better the lives of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and other, underserved communities. My question was only to instigate continuation in building peace from the organizations.

I was at a conference organised by the British Council in Switzerland called ACT 2: The Role of Cultural Relations in Addressing Conflict: Re-establishing Normality.’ I listened to some fascinating speakers, who showcased ways that cross-cultural communication can be used as a tool in conflict prevention and reconciliation.

The conference was a prestigious one that we, the young participants from around the world, attended after completing a workshop conducted by the British Council in Switzerland. We were trained for a week on ways to use performance techniques to address conflict and ways to use what we learned after returning to our own country.

The whole experience was really about thinking outside the box, pushing one’s limits, and working hard to make a difference. While the workshop has ended, I can now begin working on greater things for my community here in Yemen.

Afrah Nasser is a writer from Yemen and a participant in the British Council’s Act2 Cultural Relations and Conflict programme.